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Hi, my name is Torsten Knoefel and this is my blog.
(If you are interested here is some information about me…

Although I like to talk a lot about a lot of things I never had a blog…
As several friends suggested to make my thoughts publicly available – here we go.

Because I wanted to learn something in putting this blog live I decided not to go the easy way and use WordPress directly but setup a WordPress Docker container installation with one of the cloud providers and get me my own domain for the blog.

How I got to here

First I played a little bit with Docker on my mac book. More about this later in a separate post. Next I had to decide how to host: directly as docker application or to setup my own docker host. For more flexibility I decided to go with option two. I use Vultr as cloud provider as they turned out to be the best compromise between cost, features and performance.

Actual setup of this blog

I run this blog as three docker container: NGINX as web server, WordPress for the blog and MariaDB (mysql) as database for WordPress under a Docker installation on Debian 9.

As infrastructure I use a one core, 2048 MB instance with 40 GB SSD.
For this I pay overall less than 10 Pounds per month not including any domain which I registered with GoDaddy.

At the moment I run WordPress not multi-site enabled but I will change this next when I setup a website for my family name.

In addition I will use the server for IoT functionality: MQTT and reverse-proxy for my Home Assistant installation.

I will talk about how I got this live here in over the next weeks. Stay tuned in case you are interested.

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